Google Offers Business Owners Powerful Free Marketing Tool, Says Steve Wyer

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The world’s largest search engine has recently updated the popular Google My Business free listing service, says Steve Wyer, Chief Executive Officer of Third Coast Interactive (3Ci). The newest feature allows businesses to confirm their listing through a verified email address. According to Steve Wyer, the added convenience will likely ensure broader business participation and allow Google users more useful information during their search queries.

Google My Business is one tool Steve Wyer suggest to all of his 3Ci clients. It is a simple concept that has the power to bring more customers to businesses in virtually all industries, says Steve Wyer.

How it works

Google creates an automatically-generated listing based on public records. However, according to Steve Wyer, it is up to business owners to lay claim to the information. A business may update its address, telephone number, website, and operating hours once the listing is verified. Without this step, some fields may be left blank and any inaccurate information will remain, creating headaches for potential customers. Of note, says Steve Wyer, is that absent information may lead to missed business opportunities.

Review tracking

Steve Wyer has advocated for Google My Business review tracking capabilities since day one. They allow a business owner to know almost immediately when someone has left a Google review of their business. This, reports Steve Wyer, allows ratings to be tracked over time and for the business to respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Insider information

With Google My Business, company executives have easy-to-understand tools right at their fingertips. These include the number of views and clicks the listing has received in the last 30 days. Steve Wyer explains that these insights detail clicks, calls directly from the listing, views, and driving directions requests. All of this information, asserts Steve Wyer, can be used to enhance customer experiences and track which marketing initiatives have created the best ROI.

A positive presence

According to Steve Wyer, the Google My Business program is remarkably beneficial to both business owners and customers. Google My Business offers a business owner the opportunity to showcase what they offer to customers without pulling the customer away from Google. Directly from the listing, customers can access directions and view photographs of the business. Additionally, Steve Wyer points out that business owners have the option of uploading a virtual tour, giving customers a glimpse of what’s waiting for them. Steve Wyer notes that businesses without a physical location can also benefit, by adding product photos, contact details, and more.

Happy people talk

Businesses that offer their customers a positive experience from the beginning may have an edge over the competition, says Steve Wyer. Taking advantage of the free Google My Business features gives customers what they want–simplicity. Making access to information easy for customers enhances their experiences and may further incent them to leave positive feedback – an option which is available through Google. Steve Wyer points out that today, more than ever, people turn to reviews left by fellow community members when seeking out a new merchant, service, or restaurant.

Google My Business is one of the most powerful free resources for business owners, says Steve Wyer, and one that works hand-in-hand with other marketing tools, including social media. It provides entrepreneurs the same platform as large corporations to be reached by their customers. In short, according to Steve Wyer, Google My Business levels the playing field for small business owners.

So why does Google give away one of their most valuable services? Steve Wyer says the answer is simple: It makes Google more indispensable to the millions of people who use it each day.

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