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Steve Wyer | Google Issues Warrant to Reveal Searchers of Fraud Victim Name

February 24, 2017 in Steve Wyer | Comments (0)

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In March 2017, a judge just outside of Minneapolis signed a warrant demanding Google release subscriber information of Internet users who search a fraud victim’s name within a five week period, reports Steve Wyer.

In early 2017, an Edina, Minnesota, man found himself the victim of a fraudulent passport and bank scam. According to Steve Wyer, the image on the passport was available online via the Google search engine. The victim, a local businessman, noted a substantial transfer – $28,500 – out of his personal account. Steve Wyer explains the perpetrator faxed a bogus passport to the victim’s credit union requesting the transfer to a third party account. The fax was sent using a program that mimicked the victim’s telephone number.

The warrant, which was signed in February by Senior Judge Gary Lawson, demands Google’s compliance with local law enforcement. The warrant specifically requests personal information of people who searched the victim’s name between December 1, 2016 and January 7, 2017, reports Steve Wyer. Google was the only search engine to receive a warrant, as Yahoo and Bing did not render the image used on the fake passport, says Steve Wyer. The search warrant commands that Google release names, email addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and other personally-identifying information of those searching the specific keyword requested.


Google Offers Business Owners Powerful Free Marketing Tool, Says Steve Wyer

August 1, 2016 in Steve Wyer | Comments (0)

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The world’s largest search engine has recently updated the popular Google My Business free listing service, says Steve Wyer, Chief Executive Officer of Third Coast Interactive (3Ci). The newest feature allows businesses to confirm their listing through a verified email address. According to Steve Wyer, the added convenience will likely ensure broader business participation and allow Google users more useful information during their search queries.

Google My Business is one tool Steve Wyer suggest to all of his 3Ci clients. It is a simple concept that has the power to bring more customers to businesses in virtually all industries, says Steve Wyer.

How it works

Google creates an automatically-generated listing based on public records. However, according to Steve Wyer, it is up to business owners to lay claim to the information. A business may update its address, telephone number, website, and operating hours once the listing is verified. Without this step, some fields may be left blank and any inaccurate information will remain, creating headaches for potential customers. Of note, says Steve Wyer, is that absent information may lead to missed business opportunities.


Q & A with Steve Wyer | Medical Review Sites

December 17, 2015 in Steve Wyer | Comments (0)

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Physicians of all specialties find themselves wondering what kind of information is posted about their practices online. Here, Steve Wyer offers answers to common questions about medical review sites.

Q: What is the purpose of medical review websites?

Steve Wyer: Medical review sites serve the dual purpose of helping individuals find a doctor that suits their needs and providing feedback from other patients regarding the doctor’s quality of practice and personality. The site also allows reviewers to comment on wait times, convenience, and helpfulness of staff.

Q: Why are these types of sites important, in your opinion?

Steve Wyer: Medical review sites make it easier to ascertain ahead of time what sort of experience one can expect when visiting a new physician’s office. A doctor with high ratings and positive reviews will likely capture more new patients than a similar practitioner with less-than-favorable patient evaluations.

Q: Are medical review sites similar to Yelp or Angie’s List?

Steve Wyer: In a way, yes, but with a few key distinctions. Medical review sites focus exclusively on the medical community. This includes individual doctors, joint practices, ambulatory centers, and hospitals.  These types of sites are becoming increasingly influential as more people have access to the Internet. Also, mobile technology makes it easier than ever to access information any place, any time.

Q: As a physician, do I have any control over the reviews posted about my practice?

Steve Wyer: Not always, although some medical review sites offer an opportunity his/her first result presented. Additionally, some sites may allow the doctor to hide reviews that he/she deems suspicious. A suspicious review is one that you believe may come from someone who’s never visited your practice or who has a personal issue with yourself or a member of your staff.

Steve Wyer Speaks to Web Pro News via Skype

October 5, 2011 in Steve Wyer | Comments (1)

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In this Skype interview with Web Pro News, Steve Wyer answers questions relating to online slander